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April 6, 2011 / oop123

Firefox 5 – Bunch of New Features and Maybe Coming Out In Just a Few Weeks!

See the Conceivable Tech article here.

Firefox has just been released two weeks ago, and Firefox 5 is already being develop. For those who don’t know, Mozilla decided to put Firefox on a fast release cycle and finish Firefox 7 by the end of 2011. This is great, especially since it seems the releases aren’t just empty shells (let’s face it, while I’m a Google fanboy, the Chrome’s version becoming numbers are really meaningless).

Some of my thoughts on the (possible) new features:

1. Tab Multi-Select: don’t really care for it. I don’t think I will find much use for it, but for some users it may be really useful (oh, how I love those tab-maniacs)

2. New tab page: Probably something similar to Speed Dial. I don’t really need it. An empty white new tab is fine with me.

3. Toolbar support for addons: Chromatized!

4. There will be a file upload indicator: probably should have implemented earlier, but whatever.

5. The Home button will be change to a permanent Home app tab: hmm, interesting although no one uses the home button.

6. In-browser preview (Integrated PDF viewer plus popular file formats like MP3): Chromatize!

7. Taskbar web apps: this seems pretty cool actually, but like some other features, this seem to caters to social sharing nuts. However, some cool web apps can take advantage of it (like Google Docs!).

8. Integrated identity management for websites: I don’t like to keep user names and passwords in one place, but if Mozilla can make it secure, it could be a pretty neat feature.

9. Social Sharing (popup on the URL bar with Facebook, twitter, etc. sharing): not a big social sharing guy, but this is a great addition to all those Facebook and Twitter freaks out there. Like someone in the article’s comment said though, this should probably be an add-on.

Keep in mind not all features will be implemented by Firefox 5, but I sure am excited! Firefox is an incredible browser, so ditch IE if you are still using it and switch to Firefox!


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