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April 3, 2011 / oop123

If You Are A Firefox 3 User, Update to Firefox 4 Now!

It’s just so much better, faster, and slicker than before. I’m going to assume because you are a Firefox user, you are an intelligent person and will recognize 4 > 3, ergo you should update to Firefox 4. While I am a Google fanboy and loves Chrome, Firefox 4 has also gain my love (its UI is Chromatized, after all! Chrome rocks!). That is not to say I will switch off Chrome and uses Firefox exclusively, but it will definitely gain much more of my time. Considering I have IE (s*** piece of software), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and RockMelt (I know, I’m crazy) installed, this is pretty impressive.

If you don’t have Firefox 4 installed, get it now. If you like the old UI, know that you can get it back (Options – Menu Bar and Tabs On Top), but personally I love the modern minimized look of Firefox.

My Firefox 4

My Firefox 4


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