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April 1, 2011 / oop123

If You Are Using Internet Explorer, Read This

Yes, people still use IE6. If you are not one of them, skip the following rant. However, if you are one of those people, I’m going to assume one of the following things:

  • You are lazy
  • You are stupid
  • You are computer illiterate
  • You are dumb
  • You are an idiot

Let me asks you some questions. Why the f*&^ are you using IE6? Did you not realized it’s a browser released over 9 years ago? Did you not realize there is a version 8? Did you not realize there were better browsers?

Let me list some reasons why you shouldn’t use IE6:

  1. It has security holes (now, I was going to compare it to something really nasty, but I won’t)
  2. It’s buggy
  3. It renders every web page wrong
  4. It can’t parse javascript properly
  5. It’s hell for every web developers out there
  6. Major websites are dropping support for it
  7. It’s crap
  8. It’s crap
  9. It’s crap
  10. It’s crap

Did I made my point yet?

If you are using IE, I beg you to use it download another browser, namely Firefox or Chrome (Opera is okay too). They are way better than IE in almost every single aspect.

  • Speed: Chrome own and Firefox is not bad either
  • Page Rendering: Every other browser beats IE
  • Security: IE Sucks
  • Open Source:  Chrome is base on the open-source chromium and Firefox is open sourced
  • Extensions: Firefox and Chrome both have so much more extensions than IE, and they are all better
  • Customizable: Firefox (and Opera) has the last laugh
  • Easier for Developers: If you switch away from IE, you (slightly) ease the suffering of every web developers out there

So please switch to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or any browser that’s not IE based. If I even help one person get rid of the curse that is IE, my live is well lived (but seriously, get another browser, we cannot let Microsoft have its way).

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