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April 1, 2011 / oop123

Firefox 4 Blows Away IE9, Microsoft and its Lame Reply

Read the article here: Firefox 4 trumps IE9.

Microsoft was so happy that it got 2.3 million downloads the first day IE9 come out. Well, not anymore. Firefox 4 easily blew away the sale figure with 7.1 million downloads the first day and another 8.75 million the second day. I shed a happy tear when I read the news.

Now, let’s look at some of Ryan Gavin’s, the senior director of IE marketing, replies on that.

“In the case of Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 their update mechanisms are turned on as part of their initial release to web (RTW).”

Well, this is not true. Just as the article says, you need to manually go to Firefox’s main website, find Firefox 4 and install it. Is Microsoft deliberately trying to mislead people?

“Because IE9 won’t reach all users until June when the Windows Update offer wraps up, usage share comparisons between it and Firefox – comparisons that Computerworld and others made this week – are unjustified.”

The fact that you need to prompt people to download IE9 when people actively looking to download Firefox 4 means you are failing, Microsoft.

“The net of all this is that any comparison of browser share adoption at this point is premature at best, and misleading at worst. In a few months, we’ll be better placed to look at the share of the latest browser versions and get a sense for relative progress and adoption.”

Do I detect loser talk?

The company has said it did not want to develop for what it called the “lowest common denominator,” the 10-year-old Windows XP, because, said Gavin two weeks ago, “That’s not what developers need to move the Web forward.”

Note IE9 is now only supported on Windows Vista and 7, way to care about your XP customers. Also note Firefox can run in Linux, XP, Vista, 7, and Mac. Hmm, makes you think, huh. Plus, wow! Microsoft actually care about developers! Where did that came from? Where is that enthusiasm a few years ago? Instead of implementing the web standards in IE8 or even IE7, Microsoft waited until 2011 to do it and even then its implementation sucks compare to Chrome or Firefox. Hypocrite *cough*.

“Adoption on Windows 7 is what we care about most. Other browsers support other platforms, so if you want to draw comparisons you really need to take account of addressable base. With IE9, you essentially need to multiple by a factor of almost 3x to account for the difference in current addressable base.”

So instead of helping users of other platforms, Microsoft is saying “use my product or else”. That’s brilliant! Seriously though, just because you limited your browser to only your platform doesn’t mean you can dismiss the other platforms. No sane company does that, but apparently IE does. Anyway, apparently Microsoft believes that if they open IE9 to other platforms that would get an increase of 200% users, which is weird why it doesn’t do that then. You would think Microsoft would want more users, but you thought wrong.

Apparently Microsoft is a sore loser, go figure! Let’s hope someday everybody realizes IE is not good and IE completely disappears off the web. Until that day, CU


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  1. Marmon7 / Apr 4 2011 10:46 am

    Hi! I see you really hate IE.

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